close [adj1] near, nearby abutting, across the street, adjacent, adjoining, approaching, around the corner, at hand, contiguous, convenient, give or take a little*, handy, hard by, immediate, imminent, impending, in spitting distance*, in the ball park*, near-at-hand, nearest, nearly, neighboring, next, nigh, proximate, under one’s nose*, warm; concept 586 —Ant. away, beyond, detached, far, faraway close [adj2] dense, cramped circumscribed, close-grained, compact, confined, confining, congested, consolidated, cropped, crowded, firm, impenetrable, impermeable, jam-packed, narrow, packed, restricted, short, solid, substantial, thick, tight; concepts 481,483,774 —Ant. loose, open, uncramped close [adj3] accurate, precise conscientious, exact, faithful, lifelike, literal, resembling, similar, strict; concepts 535,563 —Ant. far, imprecise, inaccurate close [adj4] intimate attached, buddy-buddy*, chummy, confidential, cozy with, dear, devoted, familiar, inseparable, kissing cousins*, loving, making it with*, on top of each other*, palsywalsy*, private, related, thick*, thick as thieves*, thick with*; concepts 372,555 —Ant. unfriendly close [adj5] oppressive, humid airless, breathless, choky, confined, fusty, heavy, moldy, motionless, muggy, musty, stagnant, stale, stale-smelling, sticky, stifling, stuffy, suffocating, sultry, sweltering, sweltry, thick, tight, uncomfortable, unventilated; concepts 525,605 —Ant. cool, dry close [adj6] secret, reserved buttoning one’s lip*, buttoning up*, clamming up*, close-lipped, closemouthed, hidden, hush-hush*, mum’s the word*, on the Q. T.*, private, reticent, retired, secluded, secretive, silent, taciturn, tight chops*, tight-lipped*, uncommunicative, unforthcoming, zipping one’s lips*; concepts 267,576 —Ant. open, unreserved close [adj7] stingy chintzy*, closefisted, illiberal, mean, mingy, miserly, narrow, niggardly, parsimonious, penny-pinching, penurious, skimpy, skinflint*, tight, tight-fisted, ungenerous; concepts 334,404 —Ant. generous, giving  close [n] ending adjournment, cease, cessation, completion, conclusion, culmination, denouement, desistance, end, finale, finish, period, stop, termination, windup; concepts 119,832 —Ant. beginning, commencement, opening, start close [v1] obstruct, seal bang, bar, block, bolt, button, caulk, choke, clap, clench, clog, confine, congest, cork, dam, exclude, fasten, fill, lock, occlude, plug, prevent passage, put to, retard flow, screen, secure, shut, shut off, shutter, slam, stopper, stop up, stuff, turn off; concepts 113,121,201 —Ant. open, release, unclose, unplug, unseal, unstop close [v2] complete, finish, stop button down*, button up*, call it a day*, call off, cap, cease, clear, clinch, conclude, consummate, culminate, cut loose, determine, discontinue, do, drop the curtain*, end, fold, fold up, halt, pack it in*, put a lid on*, put to bed*, sew up*, shut down, shutter, terminate, ultimate, wind down*, wind up*, wrap up*; concept 234 —Ant. begin, continue, not finish, open, start close [v3] join, unite agree, bind, chain, coalesce, come together, connect, couple, encounter, fuse, grapple, inclose, meet, put together, tie, tie up; concept 113 —Ant. disjoin, disunite, open

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